Guru Pet Food 

Last month we decided to change Ember from her puppy food over to adult food. I chose 4 brands which I was interested to try and got samples for each one. I did a lot of research about each product and after trying the foods, we decided Guru was the one for us. I hadn’t … More Guru Pet Food 

Panic Attacks

I’ve suffered with panic attacks for the past 6 years and it pretty much ruled my life when I first started having them. No one really understands what its like to have a panic attack or what they feel like, unless of course they have been unfortunate enough to suffer with them. Of course its … More Panic Attacks

Dogs Trust | Someone Special

Dog’s Trust have today launched their new ad campaign to find ‘quiet heroes’ for the 1,044 dogs in their care.  Lets help all dogs find the #someonespecial they deserve. Check out the video here and check out their website to see the amazing work they do and the dogs which are available for adoption.

7 Reasons dogs are the perfect Valentine | With gift ideas

Dogs are always over the moon to see us.  What’s better than a greeting from a wagging tail? They’re always up for a cuddle, doggy snuggles are the best. Dogs keep us warm at night and don’t steal the duvet. Dogs don’t care what you look like and never complain if you want to slob out. … More 7 Reasons dogs are the perfect Valentine | With gift ideas