Thoughts Anxiety Causes 


Anxiety is something I have suffered from for several years.  As well as preventing me from doing certain things, it can also cause me to have severa annoying thoughts.  I have coping mechanisms but they can’t always control these thoughts.  So here’s a few things which appear in my brain during the day. 

1. Am I good enough?-I’m not good enough. 

We are our own worst enemy and I typically don’t feel good enough during several situations, especially when I am around people a lot more confident than me. 

2. I shouldn’t have said that-why did I say that? 

I think way too much about things I have said and how people may of taken them and what they will think. 

3. What if something happens or goes wrong? 

I generally worry all the time about what could happen, before anything happens.  I feel like I need to be prepared for all situations and as I usually think negatively, they are usually bad thoughts.

4. Where I am I headed? 

You can’t control what happens and this worries me so much.  I fear being stuck and not having any prospects or not being able to make something of myself. 

5. I don’t think I can go out. 

There are times when even leaving he house is hard, let alone going out out.  I worry about what might happen and what people will think of me.  I’m quite insecure about my looks and would much rather stay out of the way of any unwanted attention. 

6. What if I disappoint my loved ones? 

This is one of my biggest fears. I always worry about disappointing the people who’s opinions matter the most to me. I’m always thinking about how my actions may affect my loved one and I just want to please them and make them proud. 

7. What if I make a fool out of myself?-What if people don’t like me? 

I think way to much about how I act around people and try to make sure I don’t draw attention to myself or put myself into a situation where I feel out of control and might do something stupid. This is generally because I worry about what others may think about me. 

I know you shouldn’t be worried about other peoples opinions of you, but my biggest downfall is trying to make everyone like me.  I don’t need people to like me and I know there are some people who are never going to like you, no matter how hard you try.  But I worry about what I have done wrong if someone doesn’t like me. 


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