Twenty things I learned before I turned 20

‘The first twenty years of your life can be really tough, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t also incredible’

1. Family is the most important, always above anything else. Love them endlessly and make sure they know it. 

2. Being a good person won’t stop you from being hurt by others.

3. You will never please everyone, you can’t make someone love you. You can’t control other people’s feelings, don’t waste your time trying.

4. Don’t question why things happen, use your energy to get through it.

5. Not all friendships are worth it, it’s okay to leave something if it makes you feel shit.

6. Your heart will break, more than once. And it will hurt. But you will feel normal again and it will be worth the pain.

7. You don’t need to know what you’re going to do with your life. Don’t stress, do what makes you happy.

8. Surround yourself with people who bring you joy, help you grow and value you.

9. Keeping a journal is fun.

10. Your heart always knows what’s best, whether you’re in a sober, drunk or high state.

11. The only way to be truly happy is to stop comparing yourself to others.

12. Mistakes happen, you’re only human. Learn from them and they will be worth it.

13. Getting out of bed when it’s dark is hard, but you will never regret seeing the sunrise.

14. Never underestimate the power of a smiling at a stranger, it may change their life.

15. Take risks and have no regrets.

16. Sometimes you need time alone to work things out, it doesn’t make you lonely.

17. Don’t overthink things before they happen, you won’t enjoy anything if you’re worrying the whole time.

18. Don’t expect anything in return for doing a good deed.

19. Scars show the battles that you’ve fought and you’ve won, don’t be ashamed. The past is the past.

20. Life goes on…


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